Student Work

Examples of Student work and projects:


New Media and Dance

Part of the GWU Dance MFA program, this course introduced dancers to all aspects of video production, including lighting, shooting, editing and post production as well as the integration of interactive multimedia in dance performance


Interactive Applications with Custom Interfaces

Students programmed interactive applications on the Mac using original assets including pictures and video. The software was controlled by custom interfaces made by deconstructing and re- making computer peripherals.

Tools used included Quartz Composer software, soldering, found objects, video.

Serra Verb Videos

Beginning art majors made short, performative videos based on Richard Serra’s “Verb List Compilation: Actions to Relate to Oneself.

To Bend

To Spill

To Grasp

To Open

Interactive Installations

Students were tasked with creating a video installation that reacted to or was dependent upon the viewers presence. Solutions included multichannel video switching, interactive dioramas, and custom controller activated spaces