Reconciliation (Disco)

Reconciliation (Disco) is an experiment in the creation of space. Visitors are encouraged to roll and rotate the two loudspeakers to modify and modulate the audio and video, creating new soundscapes and spaces. The media in the initial installation is audio and video field recordings collected over a 20 year period. During the run of the exhibition, the media will change, and other artists will perform in the space and with the mechanism.

Join us for a closing reception on December 8th from 5-8 pm where you will be able to view performances by dancers Giselle Ruzany, Antonella Garcia, and Zoe Warren, and an interactive work by musician Heather Stebbins.


Giselle Ruzany is a psychotherapist, artist, and researcher. Having contributed over a decade to the dance department at the Corcoran School of Arts and Design, both as a contemporary choreographer and dance educator, Giselle remains committed to fostering holistic healing. With a Ph.D. in Expressive Arts Therapies, her research centers on embodied inquiry and digital storytelling for ancestral healing. Certified in E.M.D.R. and Gestalt Therapy, she practices as a licensed professional counselor in Woodley Park, Washington DC, where she integrates mindful movement practices and embodied inquiry into her sessions. Giselle is interested in the intersection of art and psychology for genuine self-discovery, healing, and connection.

Image by @Deborah Candeub

Antonella Garcia is a recent alum from the George Washington University, where she earned a Bachelor of Arts in Dance and a Bachelor of Science in Business with an Accountancy concentration. From an early age, Antonella studied both classical and Latin dances. This led her to create post modern film and stage works influenced by both backgrounds throughout her time at GW. Her most recent piece titled “Basado en Hechos Reales”, explored the concept of identity conformity with her cast.

Zoe Warren is in her last year at the George Washington University, earning a Bachelor of Arts in Dance and a Bachelor of Science in Civil Engineering. She was raised in Illinois and has trained with various Chicago-based dance companies including Giordano Dance Chicago and the Jazz Theater of Illinois. Throughout her years at GW, Zoe has studied post-modern dance technique, and through choreography explored the relationship between nature and dance through various dance films and independent study projects. She recently completed her honors thesis in dance which examines societal relationships with natural resources. 

Heather Stebbins is a composer, technologist, synthesist, and educator based in Washington, DC, where she is Assistant Professor of Electronic and Computer Music at George Washington University. She works with sounds created by instruments, found objects, nature, and voltage to generate musical experiences ranging from notated works for chamber ensembles to improvised performances on modular synthesizers. Really wonderful people and ensembles have performed her music in a lot of neat places, and she is grateful for that. Her recent album, At the End of the Sky (Superpang, 2023), is available on Bandcamp and streaming platforms. Other recordings are available on New Focus Recordings, Not Art Records, SEAMUS, and Coviello labels.